Workaholics: How To Work Effectively At Home

In this hard yet enjoyable thing called life, we have to stretch our backs in order to survive. Most of us have worked our bodies off to gain what we have today and still we need a lot more to keep our sanity. From food to gadgets, the employee and employer spend millions of dollars during their lifetime just to acquire it. And there is nothing better than to work for what you love and enjoy the spoils of your conquest.


Working at home is also an option. Thousands of businesses today offer home based jobs that give off good pay. And there is nothing better than working at home. It helps you save on gas, groceries and time so you’ll have more hours to spend with what you want to do. Yet, amidst the good things it brings, it also has its downside. In order to achieve a total working home based office, we need to get rid of the distractions that may cause lack of progress. The living room couch could prove to be tempting especially when your favorite show is about to start. So let us identify the things that we have to lessen or change in order to achieve a more harmonious workplace at home.


Air Conditioning

Make sure that your centralized air conditioning is always clean because dust and molds that build up in the air ducts contain a lot of harmful bacteria that may cause unwanted effects on your body. You wouldn’t want that when you are working on a project right? also, the right temperature regulation will help your body adapt and become more active rather than to cool down.

Never turn on the TV

While working, make sure to have the tv off. Never turn it on during working hours because it will indeed become a temptation. If you want to achieve a goal when working, pull the plug until you are done.


Hide Video Game Consoles

Video games are the arch enemies of work. It brings you out of focus especially when you are losing composure during a stressful project. Hide them in a place from your working area to assure that you are not tempted easily. I gave my wife the authority to hide my consoles to a place where she only knows.


Social Media Sites

You can either choose to control or block Social media sites from your PC or laptop unless you really need them. It is very tempting to use social media sites during work time and may consume your time entirely.


Mp3 Players

Though this still depends, I suggest that you make your workplace as quiet as possible to ensure that you don’t lose your focus while working. I keep my Mp3 players in my bedroom and use them only when going to sleep. Furthermore, music no matter what form it is, proves to be a distraction because your brain would tend to listen to it than make your hand move to do some work.


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